Monday, 15 June 2009

any thoughts folks?

I am struggling with something.
I need a good example of how we might move the whole issue of sustainable practice from being a marginal idea. I have toyed with the model T ford notion - namely that Henry Ford took the motor car to mass production and did so with a simple, cheap, reliable product. My initial thought was model T sustainability but then think of the connotations! Not very wise really.
I do think however, that if this is to work it has to be a part of everyones life and not something they deliberate upon daily, but simply something that is so straightforward that they simply accommodate it into the routine BUT that the impact becomes systemic and embedded. I am worried because I think things like our incredible project might burn out not because people arent committed, far from it, but because not enough people are engaged - it needs depth as well as width.
So, ideas - what might be a useful way of pitching this for mass consumption, without it being consumerist, what might be a way of capturing huge numbers of people, without selling out the core principles so that it maintains focus and principles?
A forest as opposed to a field?
We need something that can take the design to a new level...

while you are thinking - check out my birds blog...
Paul :)

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