Tuesday, 28 December 2010

'tis the season to be...

So I am back at the computer screen having had a jolly old holiday time.
The day is dark and clouds hover ominously, a warm fire is burning away, Sun Kil Moon is playing away in the background, Bruce my pet cockerel is sitting next to me pruning himself and I have my daily ration of a small coffee is next to me. It is a moment of holiday bliss.
I began to realise after day two of my break that life had got totally wired, it is so good to stop for a moment. In so doing I also realised that not listening to the news, not reading the papers, not watching television, was a huge liberation.
Not suggesting it is a recipe for my future activity, but it has helped me and Isaac and Hannah to shape up the school of sustainability webplans and we will be doing more today which will be fun.
Thanks for the suggestions for things you would like to see there, we have included them wherever possible.

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