Thursday, 18 June 2009

So What is Incredible Edible?

So What is Incredible Edible? from the incredible website for ref...

There’s no clever pitch for Incredible Edible Todmorden. Just as with the idea of sustainability – it’s a new way of living and of looking at life. Here are some of the cornerstones of what we do.

Creating opportunities
Finding land, using buildings, micro finance and other tools and resources.
The route to training in land skills and to local ways of distributing and buying food.
Enabling actions by public bodies
Removal of obstacles to local action – e.g. by taking away legal boundaries, soil testing, covering public liability.
IET Principles
Active engagement of people, around a sense of place and belonging.
Shared objectives that are understandable to everyone.
A strong belief in ourselves.
Intuitively sensing that what we do is urgently needed.
Not constrained by rhetoric or fancy words, not dependent on the permission of others.
There is no one solution but a jigsaw of many parts.
Reward for labour
The creation of jobs. Families harvesting and keeping and sharing the fruits of their labour.

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