Sunday, 31 October 2010


i cant let the occasion of halloween go by with out a little mention.
Halloween at our house has always meant finding the box of spooky things and hanging them up in the porch to serve as yet more stuff to fall over as you try and get to the door. This year is no exception but for the fact that there are glaring omissions - no kids at home, and NO BOX of spooky stuff! The kids are all way doing their stuff, and as for spooky things well I just cant find them, maybe they will turn up for christmas and we can combine the festivals into a psychadelic goth freak out. However, undeterred I carved a pumpkin, all those years of training have now i think come together and results this year are suitably ghoulish and clearly demonstrate that the houseowner has way too much time on a wet sunday to know what to do with. Made toffee apples, and made a spooky soundtrack - yes, too much time. Now sitting here and no trick or trreaters as they probably cant be arsed coming all the way up the hill to be freaked out by some wierdo listening to very loud prog rock (it has a certain gothicvibe - second hand - death may be your santa claus recorded in 1970 - well worth a listen but as rare as ghosts ghoulies and other things that go boo in the night. Have a good one!

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